Melbourne to Noosa Queensland

We undertook this trip in December 2001.

This trip was shorter and later than normal due to saving time and money for a trip back to the USA and smashing my jaw in a tree felling accident the week before leaving. We headed to the far east corner of our state to the Croajingolong N.P for the first couple of days. There is a great campsite at Point Hicks where the river runs out to the sea giving a good swimming and fishing area.


Rest stop and camp site at Croajingolong N.P

Did a hike out to the lighthouse and also to the washed up remains of a ship wreck that had come to grief there. We tried to use a 4wd track that led all the way to the next town of Mallacoota but found it padlocked but still managed to do most of it further along after talking with the Ranger. We were now heading forever north along the east coast and crossed over the border into New South Wales and did some easy 4wding in the Ben Boyd N.P We tried many other tracks on our maps but found them locked by the various national parks which is the norm in this state.


Point Hicks Lighthouse and Ben Boyd N.P

Ben Boyd has a old lookout tower that was used back in the whaling days where a signal was sent to the crew to row out to catch the whale before the other companies competing with them. They were also helped by a group of killer whales that would herd them into the bay for them and would then receive the scraps as reward. We then continued up the coast looking in at  many little fishing and holiday towns along the way and keeping off the main highway as much as possible. When we arrived in Sydney the first thing we checked out was a place that brought in American 4wd's and had bought my rolled XJ from my insurance company. I knew it had been cut in half and the front half sold to someone that had been sprung trying to re-birth a stolen XJ, but wanted to get photo's of the three link coil rear that I had set up on it ( more details on spec page ) as I didn't have any to show you guys. The guy had the whole rear axle with the arms and everything still attached but would only bring it out if I made a offer to buy it so sorry guys but still no photo's. There was a nice supercharged 454 Chev dual cab dually that I wouldn't mind the whole drive train out of!


Whale spotting tower and this Supercharged truck just arrived.