Melbourne to the Gawler Ranges via the Flinders Ranges

We undertook this trip in December 2004.


John's Colorado licence plate came with us.    Camping on the Murray River our state border.

We were heading back to the Gawler Ranges which we didn't have enough time to see properly last year. Also thought we could check out some of the new tracks opened at the Flinders Ranges since we were last there nearly 10 years ago. You will see a Colorado licence plate in some shots as I took part in a world tour it is doing! The plate was taken from John's XJ while on a trip with the NAXJA boys in Moab earlier in the year and had been sent from member to member by XJEEPER around North America up until it became a world tour when it was sent to me so it could 'see' the Outback. I have since sent it on to China with my father in-law and then to Norway to my good friend Morton who hosts this site for me. Details can be seen here on John's world tour site or the NAXJA thread here from when I got it.


The sand road on the way to Mungo N.P.

We drove up to see Mungo N.P first of all as we have been planning to do for the last 10 years but always seem to run out of time when going past at the end of other trips. The road turns to dirt and sand the last 100 kms or so but is less every year as they are sealing it.


Mungo N.P. and the Walls of China.

The biggest attraction is the Walls of China which you see photographed when people come to visit the park. We were first a little disappointed in the scale of them as they are not that high at all. But with some creative camera angles they can look huge so you just have to lay down to get the effect. The place really hit the map in 1974 when Mungo Man, as he became know, was discovered. Mungo Man, the oldest known skeleton in the world, was found in the dry bed of Lake Mungo.