Now to join the front and sides. Need to stretch and reduce the radius slightly at the ends to raise it so it doesn't dip in the middle. Still has the wedge shape to it even after I have reduced the front by 25mm-1" and the rear by 40mm-1.5".


Just need to weld the front corners up and do the final shaping and planishing before the centre goes on. First time to see what it looks like with the infill panel that was wheeled up at the metal meet 18 months ago. Fits way better than expected! Thanks again to Nigel being at the other end of the sheet while wheeling it all day and the guidance of Peter Tommasini.


I like the look across the back as well but will have to reshape along here to get it to fit a bit better.


Along the front it is looking quite good. Just in the middle though you might be able to see that it dips down. I will put more curve in the front piece to make it blend. Flows a lot better now. Did it all by hand with a dolly with more crown and a flat faced hammer and a flipper.


The back is looking like it is nearly there as well. Just the weight of a dolly gets the roof panel to sit down and a single finger pressure can lift it from underneath.